February 4, 2008

Went to Yankee hill on Sunday.
It is in the front range above Central City/Blackhawk. Quite high in altitude, about 10,000 feet, so It's cold and always windy. The trail is snow closed, so it's a good place to snow bash(an extreme form of 4x4ing). The object is to see how far one can get. We didn't get very fay this time. There is a lot snow in the Colorado mountains this year.

This is a cool pic of my Yj.

My dog Molly wanting...something.

We pulled this truck out of a heck of a stuck...Charlie giving them some attitude.

I have some vid...
This is of some winching. Both vids were taken at the same place.
The 1st one is of me, notice the winch speed. The second one is of a Tj, notice the speed of his winch. Yes it is running, if you look closely, you may see it move.